Discover Ukraine

Ukraine is not as far away as you think. A three-hour flight from London and easy border control procedures—and you will find yourself in Ukraine, the largest European country.

Ukraine has far more common with Britain than you might imagine. Some English industrialists actually played a part in founding a number of factories and even cities in Ukraine at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Ukrainians and the British fought side by side in Allied armies against the Nazis during World War II. Over the past few decades, the UK has shown itself a staunch supporter of Ukraine’s path of reform and state-building. Ukrainian government, in solidarity with Her Majesty’s Government, joined in the expulsion of Kremlin diplomats following the Russian chemical weapons attack in Salisbury. Another thing that Ukrainians and the British undoubtedly have in common is their love for football. Thousands of Britons visited Ukraine during the UEFA Euro 2012 and UEFA Champions League Final 2018 and were able to appreciate the openness and friendliness of our country.

Here, you can find everything you need for business, leisure, travelling, or academic research, including beautiful nature, hospitable people, rich cultural heritage, and good opportunities for investment. In addition to that, Ukraine is among the most attractive countries in Europe pricewise, so spending time here, whether on business or for leisure, will not break the bank. Many Ukrainians, youth in particular, speak English, so the chances of finding yourself stranded without help during your trip are infinitesimal.

Ukraine’s economy has been showing steady growth over the past three years. New businesses and enterprises are being created, legislation is being adapted to Western standards, Ukrainian-manufactured products are finding acceptance in new markets, including the UK. The key sectors of Ukrainian economy are agribusiness, IT, heavy industry, and energy. Ukraine has much to give the world and at the same time offers a fertile soil for investments. Stepping up trade and economic cooperation across borders is a priority both for Ukrainian business and for Ukraine’s government.

For the past four years, Ukraine has been at war, having been forced to defend itself. Seven percent of our territory are currently under Russian occupation, with hostilities having taken more than 10,000 lives. This tragic page in our history helped us to become stronger and unite around the ideas that are at the core of Western civilization, such as human and civil rights and liberties, independence, and solidarity. Ukraine allocates a lot of resources to its security and defence, but also enjoys military support from its friends and allies, including the UK. Meanwhile, Ukrainian army and law enforcement continue to ensure that the territory unaffected by occupation or combat operations remains safe.

Ukraine knows how to impress. In the streets of Ukrainian cities, you can find both ultramodern skyscrapers and historical cathedrals, the green of the parks and industrial/IT hubs bristling with activity. Ukraine has a rich legacy of original classic literature, music, and painting. Yet it is also a place of a flourishing modern culture, accessible and alluring both for Ukrainians and the world. Hundreds of music festivals, exhibitions, book fairs, and other art events create numerous platforms for an exchange of ideas that explore the past, interpret the present, and dare to dream about the future.

Ukraine is waiting to be discovered by you.