Business Forum

October 9–10, 2018

[the Business Forum Day 1 videos can be viewed here]

[the Business Forum Day 2 videos can be viewed here]

As part of the Ukrainian Week in London, the Business Forum's intention was to open new potential trade opportunities for Ukrainian companies and expose British importers to a range of new potential sources now and post-Brexit.

The post-Brexit changes in trade patterns and agreements can mean openings for British companies seeking to source or produce food products in Ukraine and for Ukrainian exports in this and other spheres.

The forum provided new stimuli for commerce and ideas in this emerging context.

Ukraine Business Forum—Day 1

[Location: Savoy Hotel]

Day 1 of the Business Forum is organised by FT on behalf of the British Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (BUCC) with the support of: the Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Europe (COBCOE), the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, and the National Investment Council of Ukraine

Panel Topics:

  • Investing in Ukraine
  • The Accelerating Ukrainian Economy and Areas for UK-Ukraine cooperation:
    • What are the general reform trends in the Ukrainian economy?
    • How is the new privatisation law providing opportunities for investors?
    • How are reforms helping to improve the legal environment and reduce corruption?
    • How can the UK and Ukraine work together to achieve mutual goals?
  • UK-Ukraine Trade Relations Post-Brexit: A Natural Partnership Between Europe’s Largest Net Grain Importer with Europe’s Largest Net Grain Exporter, with Ukraine as an Important Customer for UK Goods and Services:
    • How will trade relations between the UK and Ukraine develop and evolve following Brexit?
    • How can we harness the opportunities of a partnership between Europe’s largest net food importer and Europe’s largest food exporter?
    • Should the UK and Ukraine replace or modify the Deep and Comprehensive Tree Trade Agreement (DCFTA) to obtain better trade terms?
    • Could the UK benefit from a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Ukraine?
    • Could Ukraine become a more important consumer of UK goods and services as its economy develops?
  • Britain and Ukraine—Free Trade, Agriculture, and Post-Brexit Opportunities in the Agriculture and Food Sectors:
    • How can UK agriculture and food processing firms benefit from trading with Ukraine?
    • What are the prospects for Ukrainian farming firms?
    • What is the perspective of a UK firm that has entered the Ukrainian market?
    • What is the role of technology and innovation in the food and supply sector?
  • Business Networking Platform: Ukraine Now
  • The Improved Climate and Framework for Doing Business in Ukraine
  • Parallel Business to Business (B2B) Sessions

Ukraine Business Forum—Day 2

[Location: EBRD Headquarters]

Day 2 of the Business Forum is organised by:

  • British Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (BUCC)
  • Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Europe (COBCOE)
  • National Investment Council of Ukraine
  • InvestUkraine

Panel Topics:

  • The Improved Investment Climate in Ukraine and New Opportunities for Growth
    • With Ukrainian GDP having been positive for the past 8 successive quarters, reaching 3%+, does this give IFIs a basis to further enhance their support to the private sector?
    • In addition to privatisation and infrastructure development concessions, what other areas of investment opportunity should boost the Ukrainian economy?
    • What support exists from MIGA, global infrastructure funds, private equity and other sources to facilitate projects with equity investment?
  • Boosting Economic Recovery Through Effective Reforms
  • Financial Support for Ukrainian Investment and Business Operations
    • What are the prospects for increased lending through collateralization /securitization portfolios?
    • Is project finance the best structure for Ukrainian development for natural resources, energy and infrastructure?
    • Alternative Energy projects in Ukraine: are they a major success story that will continue for the foreseeable future?
    • Agriculture—is rapid development possible?
    • How do foreign and Ukrainian banks work with and support lending by IFIs?
  • Private Equity for FDI and the Availability of Insurance Support for Political and Other Investment Risks
    • Private equity in Ukraine—steady growth as the Ukrainian economic recovery accelerates
    • Private equity and institutional investors in Ukraine: key priorities and sectors of interest—Ukrainian asset acquisitions, etc.
  • UK and Western Success Stories and Investment Opportunities from the Upcoming Privatisations
    • What do examples of British investment success indicate for future privatisations?
    • What planned privatisations appear particularly interesting for foreign investors?
  • Investment Opportunities in Ukrainian Infrastructure Development. Potential Infrastructure Projects: New Port and Rail Projects Linking Ukraine to North Central and Eastern Europe; River Transport Projects; Needed New Airports; Proposed Highways (Using Concessions); Etc.
    • Can Ukraine become a leading gateway for the containerised transportation of goods from Asian factories to consumers in Scandinavia, the Baltics and North Central Europe?
    • Can containers being returned through Ukraine to Asia be used for low cost transport agricultural production?
    • What other infrastructure development opportunities exist in Ukraine?
  • Oil and Gas - Prospects for Future Development - What Is Needed to Achieve Success
    • How is energy market liberalisation greatly stimulating investment?
    • Gas transport unbundling—what needs to be done?
    • Capital markets for project finance—funding greenfield projects and the improvement of existing project infrastructure through bonds
    • Existing and future joint venturing in the gas upstream and regional transport networks by Naftogaz and others
    • Private Public Partnerships (PPP) in Energy Efficiency: a $50 billion market (district heating, thermal modernisation/ESCO, street lighting, alternative energy supply, etc.)
    • Greenfield gas upstream license auctions—how to accelerate foreign and domestic investment?
  • Rapid Development in Ukraine’s Renewable Energy Sector
    • Will renewables continue to be the fastest growing niche for foreign investment in Ukraine due to the Green Tariff opportunity as it is secured by legislation for the long term?
    • With solar and wind power well established, what are the prospects for small hydro-, geothermal and biomass projects to develop?